Apparently, Putin is now making demands in return for an end to the hostilities. I’ve been reading he’s willing to end hostilities if Ukraine give up the land he wants (Crimea), recognize the two areas of Ukraine Putin has decided are now “independent states” (Donetsk and Luhansk), and change their Constitution to institute permanent neutrality of Ukraine – meaning that Ukraine would never be permitted to join NATO or any other group of nations that would assist them if they’re ever under attack again.

He’s basically acting like a guy who tries to rob a bank he thought would be easy to steal from, and then, says he’s willing to stop shooting the hostages he took, if the bank gives him half the money in the vault and a clear getaway path.

I don’t know if Zelensky is willing to give up land for peace, or agree to some neutrality promise for it. I’m pretty sure he’s aware that if he does, there will still be no guarantees that Putin won’t try this again, and soon, making up similar excuses and lies to justify the unjustifiable.

And who the hell is Putin to make demands? He planned on being in and out of Ukraine within a day or two. But Ukrainians

don’t want him. Even the ones Putin was claiming he wanted to “liberate” greeted his army with Molotov Cocktails and gunfire. They don’t want his ‘liberation.’

And what about all the damage this unwarranted attack has wreaked all over Ukraine? What about the lives and property lost?

And what kind of message does it sent to Putin, or any other dictator who would use similar tactics for a land grab?

Giving Putin what he wants after he destroyed your country in an unprovoked attack, displaced millions and killed thousands of your people, would only entice him to do it again the next time he feels an itch he needs scratched.

Putin needs to be shown that he is no one to make demands of sovereign nations. He, and all his enablers, within Russia and abroad, need to pay for this. With their lives or with their riches, I don’t care.

Putin needs to be held accountable for his war crimes. His Oligarchs need to be held accountable for enabling him. And members of government in other countries who cleared the path for him and made him feel confident in their support of his actions. or who conspired with him, need to be held accountable.

It’s time for Evil people to be held accountable for their evil deeds. We all want peace – but guys like Putin will never let us live in peace. Time for the world to take out the trash