You got mud on your face

You big disgrace

Somebody better put you back in to your place!

Queen – “We Will Rock You”

Halloween night is known for mischief. Even us older folks like to get dressed up, step out of our own reality and just have fun.

So when a friend of mine in San Diego shaved off his beard, leaving his mustache, and decided to go out dressed as Freddie Mercury, I thought, “can’t wait to see the pictures from THIS night.”

The next morning I woke to read via his Face Book feed that he and his friend had been assaulted by a soldier, recently returned from Iraq, because, well, Freddie Mercury was a Homosexual man, and this soldier didn’t, and I will quote what I read he said, “like fags.”

To add insult to injury, some douchebag who I will refer to as Don Buffoon, (denying him the attention and exposure he so obviously and desperately craves) essentially defended the soldier’s actions because, and I quote: “I am against hate crimes, I am for people being able to defend themselves, I am also against fags, I am for military, I am for protecting women, I am for men being men. Sometimes men fight, sometimes the loser cries like a little girl and calls it a hate crime”

Excuse me Mr. Buffoon, this WAS a hate crime. It doesn’t matter that the two men who were assaulted are not homosexual. The fact that they were assaulted because one of them was dressed up as Freddie Mercury and the guy admitted that it was because he didn’t like gay men makes it a hate crime. And yes, I have a huge amount of respect for the soldiers fighting so that we may retain our freedom of speech and all the other freedoms which we in this country tend to take for granted, but the fact that this guy was a soldier does not excuse his ignorant, violent behavior.  This soldier’s actions only went to dishonor the rest of the soldiers out there. I honestly hope he is caught and brought to justice and that whatever military branch he belongs to does not sweep his disgusting behavior under the rug.

And while I do not know YOU Mr. Buffoon, I will guarantee you that the man who was dressed as Freddie Mercury, is in fact, a man. While you no doubt are nothing more than a scared little boy in man’s clothing more than likely questioning your own sexuality and fearing that you are the very thing you hate.  Why else would you be SO profoundly against the lifestyles of others? You know what they say, we hate in others that which we most fear we see in ourselves.

See Mr. Buffoon, freedom of speech IS a lovely thingIn this country we DO have the right not only to like or dislike whoever we choose, we even have a right to state our opinions. However, in this country, there is no law against sexual preference, or dressing up as someone, in this case a homosexual man who also happened to be a genius musician and the best voice in any musical genre EVER, on Halloween (or any night, IMO.) But the freedom of speech and freedom to believe that which you will (however ignorant) does not give anyone the right to physically assault a person they do not approve of.

At present I choose to use my freedom of speech to call you out on your blatant ignorance and stupidity.  You are a shining example of why some folks should be prevented from breeding altogether. I honestly hope you enjoy your ignorant, small existence and pray I never meet you in a dark alley or parking lot. Who knows, I may be dressed up as Joan Jett… at which point buddy, I could totally take you, but I choose to do battle with my brains, and judging by that Uncle Fester picture up on your Face Book page you are clearly lacking in that department.

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