Day 22- Song you Listen to When You’re Sad

Taylor Hicks – “Somehow” and “The Fall”

I love me a good “song to brood to.” These two songs are my favorites – Have been for quite some time, actually.  I found it impossible to just pick one and not the other – please forgive me for the apparent ‘cheating.’

Basically, back when Taylor  Hicks was still on Idol, and right after I heard him sing “Something”, I found these two songs. Had I heard nothing else of his prior American Idol repertoire (which, of course I did), and had he done nothing else of note on the show after that week (which of course he did, and quite well, I might add), I’d have voted for him regardless based solely on these two songs.  These days, I’ve been feeling both these songs quite a bit, but “it’s alright, I’ll get by, somehow..”