Day 24 – Song That You Want Played at Your Funeral

Tyrone Wells – When All Is Said and Done

My relgion wouldn’t really permit music to be played at my funeral. I would hope, though, that whoever winds up buring me, many years from now, would know that I don’t care much for proper religious protocol. I also wouldn’t really want too many sad songs played. I’d want whoever survives me to celebrate my life and not mourn my death, because I love life. That said, if a sadder song was needed, I’d choose this one. The lyrics speak for themselves..

“When all is said and done, And I’m looking back upon this race I’ve Run

And when my heart gives in, I know you’ll be beside me precious friend

It’s just the same from the begining to the end

When all is said and done

And if I lose my way, and I wander down this open road for days

And if the sun should fall, and the dancing we once did becomes a crawl

Let the memories move like shadows on the wall, If I lose my way

When I’m coming home, and I walk across the bridge of death alone

I will fix my eyes on the one who’s waiting at the other side

It’s my old friend with countless others there beside

When I’m coming home…”