Day 21 – A Song You Listen to When You’re Happy

Tony Lucca – Foxy Jane

Again, this was difficult. Pin pointing just one song that I listen to when I’m happy?? Not going to happen – So picking the first one that popped in to my head seemed like the best way to go. I’m guessing it did so because it reminds me of my sister-friend Jayme, who I miss like crazy since she’s moved back home and I get to see her but once or twice a year (is it almost September yet?).. and that time Tony gave her a shout out singing “Take it Easy Little J-Dawg” on the Rock Boat. Or the fact that whenever I go see Tony live (especially if I’m with Jayme), I find it difficult to video this song because I just want to dance to it  – can’t hold a camera still and shake my ass at the same time, I guess.

Jaymerss this one’s for you!