Day 2 – Your Least Favorite Song

Dave Matthews Band: Satellite

I definitely have songs I dislike more than this (Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” comes to mind). However, I figured I’d pick a song I actually pay to be subjected to once in a while. I can honestly say there are two songs by the Dave Matthews Band that I can pretty much go the rest of my life without ever hearing again – “Satellite” and “Spoon.” Because I have been to so many DMB conerts, I have been subjected to both live (once they played both  at the same show… joy). While “Spoon” is rarely played, “Satellite” is almost a guarantee, especially when you consider the fact that I go to multiple shows per year.. it’s bound to pop up.. I am bound to use that moment as my opportunity to use the rest room. I credit this song with the reason it took me years to give DMB a chance (Seriously, until Dave Matthews performed “Love of My Life” with Carlos Santana, I wouldn’t even consider allowing any of my friends to listen to any DMB in their own cars! I really disliked this song THAT much..)